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When you're looking for things to do in Port Angeles, WA, there is never a shortage of exciting places to discover. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff at the Olympic Lodge can provide you with numerous suggestions regarding Port Angeles tourist attractions, sights to see and adventures.

Our hotel is conveniently located less than 15 minutes from William R Fairchild International Airport and just a five-minute drive to downtown Port Angeles where you will find the Port Angeles City Pier and attractions such as the Feiro Marine Life Center, Olympic National Park, Hurricane Ridge and the Port Angeles Ferry Terminal. Everything you could ever need for a relaxing stay in Port Angeles, Washington waits for you at the Olympic Lodge. Book your stay online today for the best available rates!

Feel free to browse through some of our staff's top picks on what to do and see in the local Port Angeles area. We are rated as the #1 hotel in Port Angeles on TripAdvisor!

Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park

Located on Washington's Olympic Peninsula in the Pacific Northwest, this park is spread across many separate ecosystems, including old-growth forests and the Olympic Mountains. Visitors love climbing, backpacking, and hiking along the trails that take them along the Pacific shoreline and through the rainforest.

Hurricane Ridge

Hurricane Ridge

Accessible by road from Port Angeles and at an elevation of 5,242 feet, Hurricane Ridge is a pristine mountain area in Washington's famous Olympic National Park and it is open throughout the year. There are a variety of activities that visitors can enjoy, including snowboarding, skiing, snowshoeing, and breathtaking hiking trails. On a clear day, the sunrises and sunsets are phenomenal.

Lake Crescent

Lake Crescent

Approximately 18 miles west of Port Angeles and nestled within the base of the Olympic Mountains, you can discover pristine waters of a glacially-carved lake with stunning surrounding natural beauty. Popular as a fishing attraction, visitors can fish for Beardslee and Crescenti trout. Don't miss out on a hike to the breathtaking Marymere Falls while you are here!

Peninsula Golf Club

Peninsula Golf Club

Just a mile's drive away from Olympic Lodge is a golf course with a tree-lined setting, smooth greens, rolling terrain, wide fairways, and an impressive selection of holes to play. Play your best game ever while you take in stunning views of the Olympic Mountains and Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Salt Creek Recreation Area

Salt Creek Recreation Area

This 196-acre park is situated along U.S. Route 101 close to Joyce, Washington and was once a World War II military camp, built back in 1942. This well-maintained county nature park attracts thousands of visitors every year. It offers camping, a playground, historic bunkers, and a beautiful beach area with rocks and sea life.

Check Out Some of Our Staff's Top Picks

  • Ediz Hook

    Ediz Hook

    "Every place has that little spot that goes forgotten, but Ediz Hook isn’t truly forgotten. It is easily skipped with all the exciting hikes, beaches, and natural amazement the peninsula has to offer. Just a quick drive past the Port Angles downtown area, the hook offers a spectacular view of British Columbia and docking ships in the harbor.

    You can regularly see Sea Lions bob through the water and gulls capturing their next meal. It’s truly tranquil listening to the ships fog horns echo through a morning fog, ocean bird songs, the splashing ocean against the rocks and drift wood. In just a few moments of driving or bicycling it’s my favorite place for picnics or just a moment of ocean side silence."

    - Crystal’s Staff Pick (Night Auditor)

  • Neah Bay, Cape Flattery

    Neah Bay, Cape Flattery

    "My favorite day trip is out in Neah Bay at Cape Flattery. A two-hour drive out of Port Angeles, the windy turns on Highway 112 is well worth it to take in the scenery along the Washington Coast. The humbling small town of Neah Bay is an escape from the hustle and bustle of the larger cities neighboring Port Angeles. A short drive from Neah Bay, Cape Flattery features an easy going 1.5 mile hike round trip with little elevation change of only 200 feet. Approaching the point, spectacular sights are available from several turnoffs including a viewing platform that allows you to peer down the sheer south side of the point, and two-layered deck where you can enjoy both an expansive and a more intimate view of the sea caves below from the lower layer. Views include Tatoosh Island featuring a lonely lighthouse which is constantly stricken by waves and wind as well as the rocks of Cape Flattery to the north. Keep an eye out for seagulls, cormorants, other species of shorebirds, and marine animals like whales or otters playing in the surf."

    - Emily’s Staff Pick

  • Kalaloch, Beach 1

    Kalaloch, Beach 1

    "The Spruce Burl trail (under a ½ mile in length) is a unique forest area, the burls are in a variety of sizes with some no larger than a grapefruit and the others the size of a VW Bug. Even the experts are baffled as to what causes these burls and why only this small area seems to be affected. This small otherworldly forest looks like something similar you’d see in a Harry Potter film set, with it salt-sprayed shrubbery and ocean fog rolling in amongst the trees. Continue along the trail to access the wide sandy beaches where visitors commonly see harbor seals, sea otters, and whales playing in the waves just along the shore.

    Eat, drink, and gather in Port Angeles. After a day spent on the coast, enjoy dinner at the Next Door Gastropub, serving fresh and local ingredients taking pub fare to the next level. My personal favorite is their spin on craft mac & cheese, with an assortment of choices to add including local caught favorite Dungeness crab and don’t forget to grab a local brewed beer or cider!

    - Kalynn’s Staff Pick

  • Tubal Cain Mine & B-17 Crash Site

    Tubal Cain Mine & B-17 Crash Site

    "The Tubal Cain trail is best known for its namesake copper mine and the nearby aircraft wreckage and is my choice for a day in the woods. Approximately 7 miles round trip, it is best hiked in mid to late-May. The trail head enters shaded forest with a well-sloped trail lined with wild rhododendrons, which if you visit around mid-May, will be in full bloom. The first stop is the 1952 B-17 crash site. This trail is a steep, but short, side trip on your way to the main mine shaft. The wreckage area is a debris strewn plateau featuring sections of the B-17 remaining from the wreck. Returning back to the main trail, continue gently uphill to an unmarked junction. On the left are numerous areas littered with old mining debris, and a hillside covered in tailings, marking the location of the main mine shaft. If you want to explore the mine shaft itself, make sure to bring hip waders or tall rubber boots as the shaft is flooded most of the year by a cold water spring running through it.

    After your day of hiking, head to the Kokopelli Grill in Port Angeles for a wonderful meal in a Southwest meets Northwest style. Be sure you ask for a seat in the lounge upstairs so you can enjoy the beautiful waterfront view. They carry a very generous selection of wines and craft beers to sample along with their delicious full menu options.

    - Trina’s Staff Pick

  • Salt Creek

    Salt Creek

    "The beauty of travel can be the unexpected places that locals recommend, that are truly worthy of your time. I would recommend Salt Creek Recreation area. Salt Creek is an enchanting place, certainly a highlight of this lovely and magical side of the Olympic. It inspires wonder and an abiding sense of the passage of time in people of all ages. It is perfect for tide pooling as there are multiple tide pools with anemones, hermit crabs, shell fish, and even a few star fish.

    If the spectacular views and seal life aren’t enough, there is a World War II gun emplacement in the area that was part of the coastal defenses during the war. There are even some sample shells from the big guns and missiles to look at. Every step of the trail offers you something to look and marvel at, from huge trees to flowering plants, Salt Creek really is a place of exploration for all. It is absolutely a must see area if you are planning a trip to the wonderful Olympic Peninsula."

    - Miranda’s Staff Pick

  • Hurricane Ridge

    Hurricane Ridge

    "The Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center is a great place to start. Located just before the end of the road, stop here for brochures, maps, snacks, and tips regarding your stay. It is open daily in the summer, and on Saturdays and Sundays when the Hurricane Ridge Road is open during the remainder of the year.
    Hurricane Ridge has a number of hiking trails, from ridgetop traverses to steep trails that descend to subalpine lakes and valleys.

    Obstruction Point Road branches off right before the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center, and provides access to a variety of trails as well. During the winter months, snow enthusiasts enjoy the winter scenery, along with snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and sledding. Weather permitting, the Hurricane Ridge Winter Sports Club operates two rope tows and a Poma lift. During the spring, wildflowers cover the ground of the subalpine meadows and blacktail deer are often spotted grazing. Sunrise and sunset on a clear day provide magnificent panoramic views of the park."

    - Nicole’s Staff Pick

  • Olympic Game Farm

    Olympic Game Farm

    "Every trip should have loads of memories, giggles, photo opportunities, and ANIMALS! At the Olympic Game Farm you get all of that, plus so much more. Originally the Olympic Game Farm was the secret location for Disney’s Animal Actors for 28 years. Walt Disney had a love and passion for his Nature Movies and had his hidden Hollywood right here in the Pacific Northwest. The Olympic Game Farm opened to the Public in 1973. Several of the current animals at the Olympic Game Farm are rescues or overflow from other animal facilities.

    The Olympic Game Farm is a year-round, 84-acre self-guided driving tour. The driving tour gives you a unique, up close and sometimes personal experience with different types of animals. During the summer months they also have a walking tour. You will see such animals as Zebra, Elk, Llamas, Bison, Lynx and my favorite, the waving Bears! Make sure to save some kisses for the Buffalo!

    The Olympic Game Farm is 16 miles from the Olympic Lodge and fun for all ages! Make sure to bring your camera as there are many great photo opportunities and some that will make you giggle thinking about them for years to come!"

    - Shannon's Staff Pick, Front Desk Agent