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Rustic Meets Luxury Accommodations in Port Angeles, Washington
posted by: Olympic Lodge on: March 14, 2018
The best place to stay on the Olympic Peninsula

The Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful places in the world – it’s where rugged terrain covered in lush greenery meets the dark blue of the Pacific Ocean. Everything here is vivid; marvelling at a vista feels like the difference between an HD TV versus a standard definition one – except it’s in real life!
While Olympic National Park is beautiful any time of the year, it is maybe most beautiful in the spring.
The lowlands of Olympic National Park are home to a great many species of animal, and April is when they are at their busiest. This is the month you are most likely to catch sight of families of black bears feeding up after their winter long hibernation!

Late April and early May are also your best chance to catch migrating birds as they return North from wintering in the South; check here for a full list of the birds commonly sighted in the area . The walking trails are rife with local amphibians like the Western redback salamander, the Oregon ensatina and more. Catch these marvels flitting in and out of the woods while enjoying a hike in the dappled sun through the trees. It really is a paradise on earth.

Even better, the flowers start to come out in spring – and there is no sight quite as breathtaking as the distinctive pink blooms of smooth Douglasia emerging over lush fields of green clinging to rock.
Olympic National Park teems with life, and like anywhere it is MOST alive in spring. Don’t miss it this year – don’t miss it ANY year.

There’s no better complement to a visit to the Olympic Peninsula than a stay at the Olympic Lodge. Designed to be an organic part of the landscape, our hotel rooms have stunning views of the ocean and the mountains. Book your room today for a natural vacation you’ll remember forever.